Kevelyn is a new author overcoming chapters in her life as she approaches the end of her 20’s. She reflects back over her past years and shares advice, thoughts, fears, and events that uplifted her through the most difficult times of her life. She walks us through how she dealt with the death of an ex-boyfriend who kept a secret from her. She is left to grieve in confusion as he passed away with a haunting secret. She then opens up about her childhood trauma dealing with an addict parent and living in a rough environment in a house that had floors that creaked with every step she took, the paint on the walls were covered in dirt, and the rugs reeked with the smell of dust, piss, and decomposing food. Kevelyn then classifies friendships in four unique ways before telling a story about a friendship that went sour after her friend Trina betrayed her by setting her up to drive away from a robbery. Kevelyn explains how she was mature for a high school student after overcoming complicated experiences prior to graduating junior high. Her maturity led her to losing her virginity at the age of sixteen. It gets HOT as she meets a handsome man who she had earlier on mistaken for a stalker named Chance. Their relationship ended with a reflection that concluded what she needed was for someone to see her for who she was and not save her for later like leftovers after Thanksgiving. As the relationship with Chance ended, a new relationship began with her lover, Vané, and mishaps with Dick. The unthinkable occurs when she finds out tough news for both Vané and Dick that could end her good reputation and relationships. As she battles through the tough occurrence, she is then faced with an even bigger challenge, becoming a mom. Kevelyn irons out the misconceptions of parenthood as a teenage mom and shares inspiring advice for new mothers. Before you grasp all the difficulties, she speaks on other critical terms like being bullied, sexuality, the battle between her and her hair, being attractive, and self-assurance which defines the true meaning of beauty which all define the reasons why she can’t be classified. You will gain a happy ending as Kevelyn ends the memoir with a passage on finding your purpose in life and building your faith with God. Her reminder to the readers is, that you don’t have to deal with the world; let the world deal with you, and don’t forget to love yourself and put God first!

Don't Classify Me - Book

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