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Visionary Kevelyn wrote a book called Don’t Classify Me to share her challenges in life and testimony to inspire others to tell their stories without judgement.

She soon realized Don’t Classify Me is bigger than her story. It is about all of us and how we fit into society.

There are millions of reasons why society would classify you, what my brand delivers is reason why they shouldn’t.

How many times have you felt afraid or ashamed to be yourself because of what other people would think, or avoid people and places because of your differences?

Don’t Classify Me stands against discrimination and judgement in society. This statement represents freedom, diversity, and appreciates our uniqueness.

Our mission is to spread acceptance to be who you are without limitation. It welcomes you to set your lane of identity and show THEM who you are. Be strange, be unique, be who you are without approval or validation from ANYONE. You don’t have to deal with the world, let the world deal with you!

We are scouting for influential people to help spread our mission and support our brand.

We hope you find home here.  

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